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Strategy development

Strategy development

Expert advice and support every step of the way

We work with organisations and governments to develop successful innovation strategies and policies fit for their context.

From ecosystem reviews to innovation programme blueprints and implementation support, we enable the creation and strengthening of vibrant innovation communities.

We can help you with:

  • Ecosystem review and strategy development
  • Business planning
  • Impact studies and evaluations
  • IP landscape analysis
  • Market research
  • IP portfolio reviews and IP strategy
  • Writing persuasive translational funding applications
  • Finding partners
  • Negotiating licensing agreements

Thanks to Oxentia’s global reach, our consultants have unique insights into a wide range of innovation ecosystems. This enables them acquire models of success, re-elaborate them, and apply them in different contexts with unparalleled results.



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🌍Innovation has no boarders! 🚀Come meet 5 innovators on mission to make the world more sustainable 🌱Join us online at the #IFOxford festival on Sunday, 17 October. Register:

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We are hosting our first event at #IFOxford on Sunday 17 October 💥Meet innovators from around the world and discover their inspiring stories 🌱 Sign up here to join

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Looking for guidance on GDPR basics? 🔒 Check out @privasee_app‘s GDPR guidelines for innovators below 👇

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Our friends at @EEUK fund projects that enhance our understanding & the quality of enterprise education 🎓 What’s the impact of their recent initiatives? 🌱Find out on 13 October 📅
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Proud to present the Commonwealth Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator today at the UN General Assembly. Register to attend

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